Our Company Email account be attacked by somebody

our email account be attacked by somebody. On Jun 1st, from 19:22Pm(China Beijing time), we received more than 500 email indicated that we sent some email to some one and more of these email address is not valid, then system send us report subject “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender. This matter stop until our technical staff action.

 we are sorry about all these to any one if any inconvenient. our email address is “[email protected]”  and also  “[email protected]” . if any important issue like contract, payment, shipping document or contact information change (phone, email, address, company name and bank account), please call us to confirmation. Our office tel. is 0086-25-84610201 and 24’Hour emergency mobile tel. is 0086-13813931455.

 thanks for all your cooperation and support,